POETRY SLAM: My „Perfect“ Vacation

By  Deniz Kocabiyik

Well, I’m starting off,
because I’m on a plane,
which is taking off,
I’m not going to Maine
or Ukraine, Lorraine
not even Frankfurt on the Main.

‘Cause I wanna go somewhere tropic
where the sun is like antibiotics,
healing me from stress,
making me feel blessed.


I’m taking off
in this jumbo
and after take off
I’m watching Rambo.
After that I’m looking out of the window
seeing a volcano
spitting on San Pablo.


After I’ve landed
I’m hoping my baggage
isn’t stranded,
‘cause that is hard to manage,
but it arrived.

After the airport
riding through the island
over highlands and drylands
to the resort.

Arriving in my retreat
jumping on the bed
feeling like I’m dead.
Now it’s time to mistreat
things like diets,
not always being quiet
cause I’m having fun in my suite.

After two weeks
there it comes:
the end of the retreat,
packing like an athlete
sitting on the backseat
of the taxi.

Standing at the check-In
and checking in my bags
struggling ‘cause my legs
are too relaxed (from the vacation).

Boarding the plane
sitting and chilling it
but there’s something killing it
‘cause there‘s a baby going insane.

In the sky
drinking a sprite
eating chicken fry
watching a movie in flight.

Now I am back in Hanover
Thank u for listening
‘Cause the Vacation is over.

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