The guide to murder.

Ein Poetry Slam von M. Dieser Text entstand im Englischunterricht einer 11. Klasse und ist explizit als Kunst (Lyrik) zu verstehen.

How to kill someone?
Have someone else to frame, 
So you won’t have to take the blame.
One by One,
People might disappear.
But the scene is always clear.

Never leave a clue behind, 
For no one to find.
leave the police in the dark,
while you disappear in to a park.
They can’t find evidence.
While your scheming in your residence.

Making a plan is essential.
So you will be prudential.
And even if the plan won’t work,
Have another plan as replacement.
Have an alibi meeting with the hotel desk clerk,
While your body’s rot in the basement.

Always have a getaway,
But stop at the cross way.
So you won’t get the attention of the police,
And you can stay at peace.
You should keep a low profile
and not be seen in a while

The murder is the easy part.
You can go straight to the heart
Or take some more time 
To make the murder really shine.

If the crime is done 
And the scene is clear.
You are on the run,
Leaving everyone in fear.

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