The leaves falling.

Von Emma Kunze.

When leaves, carried downwards by the wind
softly touch the ground.
One thinks back to the passed weeks
when the days were longer and the nights warmer.

When the cold slowly covers the landscapes,
when it fills our hearts with melancholy.
We try escaping the cold
and if we cannot do so, we try to suppress this feeling.
A feeling of being lost, of being alone.

When the colors of the trees are changing
into warm orange and red shades
They make it the most sightly season
giving a coziness no other season can bring.

The colors that remind me of comfort, security and love.
They fill my heart with warmth.
Even in the coldest of days
just thinking back to those colorfull days makes me feel excited for the next year and the next fall.

When leaves, carried downwards by the wind
some may cross paths and fall down together for some time.
Sharing their thoughts. Sharing their time.
Until the next gust of wind separates their ways again
and each slowly continues to fall towards the ground by theirselves.
It‘s like their paths never crossed.
Will they both forget each other one day?

And when one leaf misses the other
more than the other leaf misses the one.
What can one do about it?

Maybe one should take a break.
Maybe all one needs is to take their time.
Maybe all one needs is to just breath for a moment.
Maybe all one needs is to take a break where one watches the leaves falling.

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