POETRY SLAM: Only a Look

Again, you are standing in front of the mirror and looking at you. Only a look.

A look of these girls who walked next to you and then talked about something, that you didn’t even understand. Did they slander about you? About your clothes? You’re face or you’re hair? Or did they only talked about the classes today? You will never know.

A look puts you in this situation. Why? Because you’re feeling insecure, insecure about how you look. But if you thinking about you. You in normal life, in normal situations, I’m sorry you’re not better, I have to say. You are rating the others as well, only with one look. That is normality, but also humanity?

You see this good looking boy across the street and you think, oh obviously he has many girls around him and a different one in his bed every night. But if you knew him, then you would know that he has to take care of his younger siblings, because his dad died last year and his mom never got over it.

But you only looked.

You see this old granny and you think, definitely she has got many grandchildren who are coming to her house every weekend and they have dinner together. Nooo, in reality, she is alone, nobody is helping her and her forces are waning.

You are standing in front of this mirror and being sad because another person, maybe, judges about you, but you are doing it the same way. Every day.

When we were younger, our parents told us to first take a good look of yourself, before judging about the others. But it’s easier to said than to done, right?

The whole day we are spending our time with Looking. It’s annoying, why can we just going, without judging, without rating, without a foresighted opinion.

That’s impossible or in other words only possible if we don’t take a look. Don’t take look, like you already know everything about each other. You know nothing, nothing what’s going on in their heads or why they walk down the streets like that. You can’t see, with only a look, how much a person really worn in his life.

You know the saying, a picture tells more than thousand words.

Not today, baby. In times with social media and stuff like that, a picture is nearly worthless, because it’s showing only the best presentation of a person, and normally that isn’t the truth.

Not today, baby. Today you have to say something to not lose yourself in this dimension, you have to express yourself, you have to explain yourself, you have to stand up for yourself, because if you don’t do it, nobody will do it.

Everybody thinks about himself, everybody has to solve his own problems, not enough space to help each other, not enough space to think of each other. We treat each other…like animals, like animals in a zoo, behind fences.

Fences that are excluding the people next to us and including our thoughts and feelings and problems and concerns. Nobody will never know about our inner, because nobody is asking for it.page1image1816881056

We just look at each other like monkeys in a zoo and checking out each other from top to bottom. We always say that we aren’t animals anymore, but behave like them?

I wish it would be different, but it is only a wish and many people have wishes. But we forget them in our daily routine and they get lost in our minds, because we never speak about them. Maybe except for your birthday, but I think this wish is a little bit tooo big and tooo dreamy to pack it nicely, right?

And yes at the end I should say something that doesn’t make us look like animals, which beautify us, our society and our live, just a little bit. So we can go home with a clear conscience.

But I can’t do it. Can’t do it by myself, maybe we can work together against the fences between us and instead of looking we start to interesting.

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