POETRY SLAM: To shop, shop, shop-the life of a shopping addict

Ein Poetry Slam von Liz Wegener.

First of all, I would like to start off by telling you guys something about my broke ass. But let´s go back to the start because I want to tell you something about me being a shopping addict. As shopping addict you always know what´s new on the market and where you can get it for the lowest price. Due to that I am registered almost everywhere, like everywhere! But God, that is not my biggest problem.

My biggest problem is paying all of that cuz as you can tell I am a 15-year-old teenager who´s too lazy to find a job or in most cases too young for a job I could possibly like. So, in conclusion I would have to save up my  money, which never really works out, or I´d have to ask my parents to hand me out my pocket money early.

But there are also so many negative parts, like your granny is asking what you want for Christmas and you tell her that money would be great, eventhough she wants to buy you a shirt or a book you  like.  Because money is not everything even if you can buy so many things.  And going shopping is also really exhausting. Did you know that going shopping for more than 5 hours burns up to 60 calories? But well, just think of a just refilled make-up shelf by Jefree Star, isn´t that pure beauty?! As shopping addict I know whats trendy, not even food or drinks are left out of that. And by that I mean stores like Starbucks which couldn’t set the price for a Vanilla Latte even higher. But of course I will pay the price, I mean who wouldn´t want a hot freshly produced vanilla latte from Starbucks?!#Well, I couldn´t resist. But anyways, when you´re too lazy to go shopping in town you could just grab your phone and shop online. The keyword is shop online as you can tell. ´Cuz you almost drown in the amounts of discounts you get. Again; dicounts,discounts,discounts. They are pure poison for peopple who love to go shopping. It´s a trap! A trap to get everyone to buy their products. But in the end my wallet is always empty and that´s when I leave the store and go home-just like now. Thank you for listening.

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