Edgar A. Poe’s dark mind

Woman being buried alive and a cat, black as the night with only one eye, walled up within the tomb?

Many of you have heard of Poe’s horrible tales, which take our breath away and make our hair stand up; insights into a dark world, which is for all, but a few of us inaccessible. Poe demonstrates the cruel side of human beings and takes the reader to the rarely visited mind of madmen. His ability to find the thing that his readers are worried about, and bringing that to the fore, is incredible. He takes us to experience our fear of loss, death and to our fear of insanity. And precisely, these characteristics make Poe’s art pieces timeless, unique and different from other Authors of his time.
The horror in his tales is perfectly matched to his skillful style of writing, which has never lost it’s attraction for his readers. The richness of Poe’s words influenced and inspired many gothic novel writers.
He also has had an ongoing influence on different genres, media and inspired people’s lifestyles, young people in particular. There is something interesting in his twisted narratives, that fascinate and encourage us to read his stories with such gloomy delight, meanwhile he allows us to ask and think the thought that we fear the most.
And I think that’s what makes us return to Edgar A. Poe’s tales the most, generation after generation.


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