Night sky

A poem by Matilda Völker

Stars vansih

One by one

Till the night sky is only blackness

This may be

the fate oft he view from earth

in a million or billion of years


Yet, looking up in the night sky

and visualizing it without a star is quite sad

Even though all we ever see of stars

Is their long ago death


All my life I was longing to see living

star on my own

We can´t imagine what it would look like

But I have the insatiable desire to see

One, one day

The vision in my head makes my

Finger tips tingle


I want to fall into the endless

Abyss oft he universe

Floating around in space

alone and in dark silence

All i need is a little push

A tiny sign that I´m doing the

right thing


I am sick oft he sightlessness

All humans on earth are puppets

Some just manage to see the strings

Feeling locked up, hold down here

onto our earth


I am tired

These people

I am tired of being caught

In the tangle of their lifes

All their sorrows, all their insecurities

I can not ignore them even though

I´d like to

And everytime someone cries

the sadness of them hits into my chest

like  a huge fist

unfolding in my heart and spreading

it´s fingers through my whole body


Your worries are not important

You´re a child oft he universe

No less than the trees and the stars

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