It is like a song that only we can hear Only when both of us are near

Only when our words match our eyes and Only when there are no more lies

Only when we both stand naked Stripped by the truth
In the middle of the room
Me, the bride and you, the groom

Only when the walls are so white That we can’t see
And only when you hold me too tight So I can’t breathe

Only when we stand on the edge of a cliff You too close
And me too stiff

Only when the words are dripping Your soul is spinning
And my heart is ripping

Only when you taste my blood That is caused by your
one true shot
Saying the truth

That I am so eager to hear Like the song
That only plays
When we are near

Only when we lie in bed
Side by side
Head by head
Our hands intertwined with no resistance But our words said with so much distance

Only when we watch the clock
Go tick tock tick tock
Only when time doesn’t seem to pass And we don’t seem to last

Only when the first rain drop Gently touches our skin Only when the ice
We walk on

Is simply too thin

So only
when the first chords
Of our song begin to play The ice breaks
My heart aches
You run and I run
But we know it’s too late

We fall off the cliff
You grab my hand and I grab yours But we can’t stop
So you fall and I fall
Like the gentle rain drop

The time passes
The song comes to an end And so do we
My dearest friend,
We can’t flee
We just fall and run

And then there it comes The end of us
The last chapter
The biting truth

The smallest room
Me, the bride and you, the groom

Us, not ending up together

Because you go south and I go north Me and you
Back and forth
But not anymore

It is true
We have come to and end Me and you.

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