Hell or Heaven? I can’t decide.

Von Luis Shepherd.

Hell or Heaven? I can’t decide,
we are forced to go there for 12 years of our life,
Some dont care others really strive,
It can either put you down or make you thrive.
Lots of things there I have really enjoyed,
but can it really help to fill the void?
The whole stress and pressure we feel everyday,
But they still think that every students okay
For lots it’s a blessing for some its a curse,
The whole day we have to sit there and rehearse.
If we dont listen or pay attention in class,
the teacher kicks us out but still wants us to pass.
But it also has an advantage,
for some it works like a bandage,
not for their body but for their hearts,
whether its sports or english or german or arts,
almost everybody has a subject they love,
which for others may be really tough.
If you’re lucky then you also have a good friend,
that spends time with you when you want and demand,
the key to performing good at school
isn’t really to study or to follow the rules.
But it’s rather to care for yourself,
for your physical as well as your emotional health.
On one hand you have to study to get good grades,
but you can’t forget the pressure it creates.
You also have to enjoy your youth and your time,
If you use it right it can be your prime.
You have to build a bridge between diligence and fun.
Don’t stress yourself and you’ll get everything done.
There is one more thing you need to know,
You have to evolve at a certain pace if you want to grow.
School is not a straight road it’s a maze,
there is not one right path,
there are many different ways.
So choose wisely which one feels right to you,
and ask a trustworthy person if you need a clue.

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